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The StoryMark Farina, Homero Espinosa
Om Records is celebrating twenty-five years in the game! What started out as a little label on Haight Street in San Francisco, has grown into a breeding ground for underground talent producing some of the greatest in the electronic, house, downtempo and hip-hop world. One of the legends to call Om home dating back to his early days of Mushroom Jazz is nonother than the maestro himself, Mark Farina. On "The Story," Mark teams up with collaborator Homero Espinosa to create the groove heavy statement piece "The Story". Heavy horn stabs and organ slabs ride on the steady breakbeat reminiscent of classic years gone by with a message still focused on the here and now. "The story didn't end there, so we didn't stop there…" Stay tuned for more singles from Om Records – 25 Years coming soon, leading up to the full album this Summer.
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