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THE THIRD SINGLE FROM UPCOMING OM RECORDS – 25 YEARS Om Records is celebrating twenty-five years in the game! The little label in San Francisco has grown into a breeding ground for underground talent, producing some of the greatest in the electronic, house, downtempo and hip-hop world. Brooklyn's Body Language return with the third single Let's Try, an electronic boogie future anthem for today's chaotic times. Dreamy synths lead into a deep bass and steady break that rides the groove. "We've gotta slow it down, slow it down…we should try to get to know each other." A song of longing and human connection, amidst all the chaos of daily life. "Let's find a place away from others, we should try, we should try." Stay tuned for more singles from Om Records – 25 Years coming soon, leading up to the full album on July 10th.
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