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Gelato BeachMorten, Rrari Paapi
Gelato Beach is the first big project of the infamous CO$MO MONE¥ GROU?, an album by morten & Rrari Paapi. After 4 successful collab tapes with Cosmo Gangs finest Holy Modee, the rapper/artist from Berlin Moabit brings the producer of the collective on the board and together they developed "Gelato Beach". A colorful sundae filled with Island Beats, chopped flute melodies, dolphin sounds, classic "Los" adlips (Crackaveli Voice) and screwed US vocals convinces with its diversity in the beats as well as the variety in mortens vocal performance, which could hardly be used better as an instrument. From smoky shouting (40h40blunts) to clear singing (Son Ice), the full flavor palette is covered, rounded off by two Cosmo internal features of Ta Lee and Bimbo Beutlin. 9 songs, which could not fit better into the late summer and complete the last hot months on the beach with the best gelato (Topshelf).
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