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Se Me Hace Tequila La BocaRemmy Valenzuela
Remmy valenzuela Regional Mexican - Norteno My Mouth Makes Tequila -After being signed to major all his life, Remmy decides to go independent and make this a major release. -This is the singer-songwriter's first single as an independent artist -Written and produced by himself -Media campaign directed to Mexico, US Latin and LATAM Mexican singer, songwriter, accordionist and multi-instrumentalist. Considered the best modern accordionist in Mexico, nicknamed for this reason as "The Prince of the Accordion", this nickname being accepted and mentioned by Ramon Ayala himself. In 2015, he was nominated for "New Artist of the Year" at the Latin American Music Awards and that same year, his fourth studio album Mi vida en vida (2014) was nominated at the Latin Grammy Awards in the category "Best Northern Album" . He began his career as a drummer, but switched to the accordion at the age of 13. His first hits were the narcocorridos, but he began to gain more popularity with romantic songs such as «Te toco perder».
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