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Psy Trance Treasures 2013 (99 Best of Full-on, Progressive & Psychedelic Goa Hits)Phase Phour, Harmony T. Panda, Biokinetix, L.D.B.
Greetings from EDM Records (Geomagnetic)! You have discovered Psy Trance Treasures 2013 - 99 Best of Fullon, Progressive & Psychedelic Goa Hits! From this point forward if you choose to partake in this trove of pleasureful bounty you will be treated to nearly 100 simply outstanding dance floor jewels and crowd pleasing gems! With out missing a beat our top notch team of selectors has pulled out hit after hit to indulge your electronic dance music tastes! Thanks for your time, support and we look forward to seeing you back soon! =)
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