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Tampa, Florida-based multi-talented musician Sonic Skillz showed fans in 2018 that he has what it takes to make a change in the world of music and beyond with the release of his last album, "Vibin' Music." In 2019, he picks up on past momentum with the release of a brand new EP, "Peak Skillz, Volume 1." Keeping it short and sweet at 3 tracks, listen as Sonic Skillz motivates listeners to reach their full potential, as he tells his story mixed with plenty of free game. Aside from deep lyrical content from the roster of emcees he's amassed for this EP, Sonic Skillz comes through with chill production to match the smooth flows of Skyzoo, Mega Ran, and the others. When not inspiring the masses to be their very best, this crew of lyricists advises fellow rappers to be more aware of the type of music and message they are putting out, as the youth are looking towards them for guidance. Coming straight from the heart, without being preachy, condescending or judgemental, "Peak Skillz, Volume 1" enlightens, inspires and kicks knowledge, staying true to Hip Hop's roots. Citing Michael Jackson, Dr. Dre and former WWE composer Jim Johnston as early influences, Sonic Skillz is poised to follow in greatness' footsteps with an insane work ethic and undeniable talent. While most producers of today are in it for the money and fame over uplifting the people through music, Sonic Skillz comes through like a fresh breath of air, offering his unique take on Hip Hop, ultimately letting listeners know it's only a matter of time before Sonic Skillz is a household name.
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