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SoulstoneLeotrix, Gonzalla, Ducky
Soulstone EP represents a body of work in which Leotrix has captured the evil spirits and negative situations he has faced and turned it into something really positive. Into the form of a Soulstone. The lead track, More Of Us represents the finite. It represents the fact that nothing lasts forever but it calls to embrace love and ask for more human interaction while the time is around. Morphine represents the times in which the feelings of pain we face are decreased and we only focus on this high, exciting energy. This track represents moments that we continue to live for. It represents the weekends where we party to forget the chaos of our world. The third track, Find Ur Demons is about finding your demons and facing them with complete honesty. Facing adversity is so important and this track reminds us that we must not ignore our problems or let anyone else try to make us ignore it all. Layover is a track for the people who are constantly travelling, desperately waiting to get back home. This track teaches the patience involved in dealing with long flight layovers and delays. But overall, this track teaches us to be patient. The final track, Stay Awake is about being away from your lover and the complex feelings dealt in such times. It is also a call to anyone listening to this EP to stay awake in the midst chaos occurring in the world.
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