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The Confidence Emperors Presents The International Sound System Party, Vol. 1Grand Analog, Ghost Caravan, Pyramid Tropic, Go International
The Confidence Emperors is a singles/EPs/remixes label with a fresh approach to artist development and music discovery. The imprint has a global reach and a strong, identifiable aesthetic. The content is developed through a process of curation and collaboration. The mandate is to inspire change through creation. We firmly believe that if you grow an artist, you grow the label. When we bring an artist into our community, we are amplifying that band and expanding our community, building a culture around what we do. The International Sound System Party, Volume 1 is a reflection of the current Confidence Emperors community and how we work together. For example, Martha Johnson and Mark Gane of Martha and the Muffins took the photo that we used for the cover of the album which will be available digitally and as limited edition vinyl. Juliana Iannuzziello of Ghost Caravan designed the cover and did the graphics as she does for all Confidence Emperors releases. Mark and Martha also co-wrote the Ghost Caravan track with Shaina Silver-Baird of the group. Matt Fudge, formerly of This Sound Will Save You, took an unreleased Martha and the Muffins track and reimagined it along with former band mate Chloe Kirson-Jones. Matt also co-produced the Pyramid Tropic track with Will Whitwham and produced the Go International track featuring Maiko who frequently sings with Grand Analog. Alister Johnson who produces and co-writes for Grand Analog and Zaki Ibrahim created the ambient dance mix for the Wilderness of Manitoba song Shift. Sarah Riegler who drums for Ghost Caravan is a member of John Orpheus as well. Chemical Dreams is an offshoot of Martha and the Muffins. Some might call this incestuous. We call it collaboration. The popularity of the original sound systems was contingent on having new music. So, the Confidence Emperors community is producing singles and remixes for our own sound system and sharing it with the world.
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