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ROBBERSCori Covell, Gat$, Henn Dawg, Ashle
"When I decided to make another album; @wzhappening told me to do it the right way. No silly concept album to fake a sense of superiority, no gimmicks to hide behind. Just bring myself and good music. When I decided on the ROBBERS title, I thought it was next closest thing to naming the album ROBB...but I wanted to talk about everything I was robbed of over the past few years. It took 4 years to get the right blend of songs to grasp a fraction of what I wanted you all to hear. I've been through so much, lost so much, hungered for so much. Wilson told me I had to be on the cover before he'd green light another album, lol. I don't think this image gets any more "me" than this."
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