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DA RIDDIMSam Collins, GESES, Antonym
The Canadian GESES (35K Monthly Listeners),German DJ/Producer Sam Collins (201K Monthly Listeners) and new mysterious DJ ANTONYM teamed up for their collaboration 'DA RIDDIM'. GESES is a highly appreciated Producer and has Co Produced the #1 USA Dance Radio hit 'No Love for You' by Regard. Sam Collins on that side has millions of streams on his tracks and plays all over the world. Together with ANTONYM (a brand new artist/NFT project owner) they achieved start 2023 with a banger track! Pitch Notes  * GESES Made an official remix for Laidback Luke's track 'Flexin'. * Geses Co Produced Regards latest #1 USA Dance Radio hit 'No Love for You' * His track 'Be My Lover' gained over 3.3M streams on Spotify!  * ANTONYM has his own NFT project and this is his first release as a musician * Sam Collins has a huge Soundcloud following
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